System of Rice Intensification (SRI)


Promoting System of Rice Intensification (SRI)

SRI is one such technique that aims at promoting the yield of rice for paddy growers through organic manure. SRI aligns with adaption to and also mitigates climate change by reduced methane emission levels. It reduces the quantity of water required to cultivate paddy significantly but is a labour-intensive method at the initial stages. The quantity of seeds required is also much less, as seeds are planted with wider spacing.

EK Soch Foundation, Agriculture
  • Decoding the how and why of SRI

    Farmers are deprived of the necessary skills to implement SRI. Hence, we guide the farmer groups with the basics about “HOW” and “WHY” of SRI techniques.

  • Helping them to adopt standard practices

    • We are continuously engaged with farmers and aid them in implementing it as per the standard practices, i.e. obtaining more outputs with fewer inputs.
    • Thus, it helps them to save the water, fertilizers and improve the yield with a reduced total cost of cultivation by 25-30%.

  • Mechanization assistance

    The cost of weeding will be reduced by 50% by using hand-operated weeders.

The number of lives we have revolutionized



Farmers being trained for SRI


Farmers being cultivated paddy using SRI


Acres land area covered using the SRI method


Yield production

This was the very first time in the district for this kind of mass paddy cultivation by using the SRI method. The average yield using the conventional way of cultivating paddy was about 3-4 tonnes/hectare. While using SRI, the yield was enhanced to about 6.1 tonnes/hectare.

Our mechanisms

1. Creating farmer groups
2. Demonstrations and “On the ground” exposure cum guidance
3. Establishing a centralized information facility


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