COVID-19 Second wave

COVID-19 initiatives - During the second wave

Change Maker

Change Maker is the most unique initiative of Ek Soch Foundation and the mastermind behind this is our director, Mr Ajay Shukla. The main idea was to bring about a change in the rural areas through the resources available out of the same rural area and they are the Change Makers, the heart and soul of this initiative who will drive a change in the areas they reside in.

It is one of the flagship programmes in the health arena that aims to enhance community-based social entrepreneurship that is tech-enabled, affordable and provides scalable solutions to local problems.

Change Maker and COVID-19 Vaccination

COVID-19 brought with it multiple challenges and turned our world upside down. The first wave in India hit mostly the urban population while the second wave hit the rural population too severely

Vaccination is the only true weapon to fight against the pandemic. Hence, to expand the vaccination drive to every corner of the country, the Change Maker initiative was crafted. The initiative aims to conduct vaccination drives and educate people in rural areas about its importance through the Change Makers of the same area.

Highlights of Change Maker initiative
  • 100% rural vaccination

The aim was to achieve 100% vaccination in the targeted rural areas. (Monitoring both the doses)

  • Selecting Change Makers

Passionate youth and individuals who have community work experience and reside in the vicinity of target villages were shortlisted. They applied through an online form.

  • Our target – The Least vaccinated rural areas

We hit areas that remained hesitant to vaccination and had the least vaccination rates. Also, we targeted such areas where health officials requested additional human resource support.

  • Eradicating vaccination hesitancy and reluctance

Vaccine hesitancy remained a major hindrance to achieving 100% immunization. Thus, eradicating it was our motto. Change Makers specially targeted the marginalized communities as well.

  • From registration to certification, all assistance

Change Makers supported the citizens in online registration, vaccine slot booking, connecting to the vaccine centre/walk-ins/direct camps, and provided access to the vaccination certificate.

  • Backup team to assist local vaccination team

The Change Makers from the targeted areas combined with the local health officials jointly in action to drive vaccination.

  • Conducting exhaustive awareness campaigns

Mobilizing, sensitising and motivating the villagers about the importance of vaccination and conducting awareness drives in remote villages.

  • Coordinating with every stakeholder and the government officials

Conducting meetings with community health workers like AWW, ASHA and village level influencers and acting as the key facilitators to establish a connection between them and the villagers.

Awareness through Rath Yatra initiative to drive rural vaccination

A unique effort was carried out through an E-Rickshaw that was converted as an “Awareness Rath” with a sound system that traversed across the Madhepura district. It was mainly to mobilize the population towards vaccination. The event was inaugurated by the district Chief Medical Officer. Also, it was carried out smoothly by collaborating with the government officials of various departments.

The number of lives we have impacted



Hike from 30 to 40 vaccinations/day to 80 to 120 vaccinations per day






Total Change Makers crafted by Ek Soch Foundation


Vaccinations solely with the efforts of the Change Makers


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