The evolving sector – current scenario

Micro and Small Entrepreneurship

  • The second highest employment provider

Right after Agriculture, the MSE sector provides numerous employment opportunities.

  • Substantial operational MSE’s

Uttar Pradesh houses about 14% of the country’s operational MSME’s which makes it a leading exporter state. (Handicrafts, carpets, engineered goods, leather products and garments form the core)

  • India’s handicrafts have been booming

Handicrafts have witnessed an increase in exports despite the pandemic. This is the power of the rural population and the micro and small entrepreneurs.

The problems on the ground


Lack of skills and the right knowledge

The budding entrepreneurs lack essential skills to kick start their enterprises. They are unaware of the vitalities involved.

Lack of modernization and suitable technology

In today’s times, it becomes highly difficult for any enterprise to thrive without technology. But the rural population is mostly deprived of it.

Other miscellaneous challenges

Lack of confidence and basic entrepreneurial mindset to kick- start enterprises, lack of capital, unavailability of inputs or raw materials, market reach, making enterprises sustainable, etc are other misc challenges.

Our focus area

Western Uttar Pradesh region

Our target group

  • The budding micro and small entrepreneurs. (Artisans, vendors and other associated individuals)
  • Women farmers

Step by step modules to address the issue

Our approach

1. Creating an ecosystem

• The entrepreneurial ecosystem allows for sharing, networking, collaborating and deliberating ideas with other catalysts.
• Identifying synergies and exploring potential collaboration in the catalyst network.

2. Skill development, knowledge and leadership

• Empowering women and youth with leadership and skill development that are necessary to manage their enterprises and become the change their community needs.
• Establish a platform of resources and mentorship to skill local women and young business aspirants and scale up their potential.
• Create an environment where an innovative approach to addressing social challenges is encouraged.

3. Supporting with technology, mentoring and funds to solve real-life problems

• We provide necessary training on technology and use it to drive their enterprises.
• Provide complete mentoring support.
• We grant funds to the most competitive and committed entrepreneurs in addition to guiding them to get funding from banks and financial institutions through various government schemes.

4. Supporting them to create out of locally available materials

• Inaccessibility to resources to set up enterprises is why MSE’s fail.
• Thus, we provide necessary guidance and make them create the best out of locally available input materials.

5. Enhancing market reach and making enterprises thrive

• Rural entrepreneurs lack exposure to markets. Thus, we thoroughly explore market opportunities and create linkages.
• Help them to collaborate with a network so that they can make their enterprises thrive, i.e. Linking potential entrepreneurs with direct customers, banks and markets.


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