Save A Mother


Save A Mother

This program served pregnant women from Shahganj taluk of Jaunpur district.

Despite being one of the largest economies in the world, India still witnesses high infant and maternal mortality rates. The main reason behind this is the lack of education and awareness among pregnant women, especially in rural areas. This initiative was devised to help eradicate this problem and increase focus on maternal and neonatal health.

Arogya Sakhis, who were rural women volunteers, were trained with necessary awareness and guidance about the “how” and “what” during the pregnancy period. These Arogya Sakhis further imparted awareness among the rural women to ensure their health and that of the child.

Seven Health Practices were adopted, namely

  • Regular meetings and discussions in the community.
  • Personal hygiene.
  • Best pregnancy practices.
  • Infant care.
  • Child immunization and nutrition.
  • Adolescence health education.

When numbers speak about the action!



Villages covered


Health check-ups for Pregnant women


Swastya Sakhis trained


Arogya Sakhis trained


Open community meetings


Ek Soch Foundation,
#19A & #19B Sector #125,
Noida – 201-301,
Uttar Pradesh, India

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