Neeraj Mishra

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Neeraj Mishra

Neeraj Mishra tasks as an Admin at our Organization. He performs vivid roles under the profile and is highly energetic. He handles Accounts, works as Human resource personnel and if there raises a need to work on the ground, he tasks that as well. He has a rich 11 years of experience in domains like the Education and Social sector and has a Masters of Art in Sanskrit and Hindi literature from the CSJM University, Kanpur.

He has worked in the states of Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh. In UP, he has explored working in districts of Shahjahanpur, Lakheempur, Sitapur, Lucknow, Kanpur, Varanasi and our target area of Mathura. In the domain of Education, he has contributed immensely while he worked previously
at various Government High Schools and other Schools. He handled subjects like Mathematics, Science, English, Sanskrit and Economics. Also, he has worked at Deshpande Foundation as Programme Assistant in Akanksha Teacher’s Training Programme.

He was trained under Akanksha Training Programme – a four-month residential program and has completed DFP fellowship cohort 12th batch, a 7-month residential fellowship programme and was awarded a scholarship for the same. He is associated with Ek Soch Foundation for 5 years and is contributing immensely to accomplishing our vision. He has expertise in both Accounting and Administration.


Ek Soch Foundation,
#19A & #19B Sector #125,
Noida – 201-301,
Uttar Pradesh, India

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