Manager – Community Building and Development

The Community Building and Development Manager for Ek Soch Foundation will lead the organization's efforts to engage and empower the community. This will involve developing and implementing strategies to build and maintain strong relationships with community members, stakeholders, and partners.

The Manager will work closely with the Executive Director to design and implement programs that promote community participation and involvement in the foundation's mission and values. They will oversee a team of community outreach coordinators and volunteers and ensure that community institution-building initiatives are implemented efficiently and effectively.

Key responsibilities for this role include:

1. Develop and implement community organization building like SHGs, clusters, and FPO engagement strategies, including outreach, events, and partnerships
2. Building relationships with community members, stakeholders, and partners to identify opportunities for collaboration and support
4. Managing a team of community outreach coordinators and volunteers, providing guidance and support as needed
5. Coordination among the programs and teams within the organization and developing strategies along with Executive Director for value-added activities and programs
6. Develop a comprehensive community/people institutions road map for the foundation's work.
8. Identifying and addressing community needs and concerns through effective communication and collaboration
9. Building relationships with key stakeholders, including donors, partners, and other external organizations.

Required Skills and Qualifications:

1. Master's Degree with 5+ years of work experience. A background in non-profit management or social enterprise is preferred.
2. The ideal candidate for this role will have strong leadership, communication, and relationship-building skills and experience in community building & development and eco-system building. Candidates should be passionate about positively impacting their community and have a track record of success in driving engagement, new initiatives and participation in community programs with all kind of stakeholders.

Reporting / Base Location-Executive Director / Mathura-Vrindavan and NOIDA


Ek Soch Foundation,
#19A & #19B Sector #125,
Noida – 201-301,
Uttar Pradesh, India

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