This program was targeted at Government school Students from Varanasi and Azamgarh districts and supplemented their school curriculum through visual and interactive learning methods. It trained teachers as well.

As we are aware, theoretical and rote learning do not help bring the best out of students. At the school level itself, it is essential to give a boost to the inquisitive nature of children. Only then will they have a practical learning experience and will be able to explore their interests to the fullest, when they need to choose a career. Agastya was a movement led by entrepreneurs, educators, scientists and teachers to revitalize and transform primary and secondary education in India, providing an affordable education model and promoting hands-on learning among children.

Novel concepts of "Mobile Science Labs" and "Lab on Bike" were implemented. A large tempo traveller was converted into a mobile Science Lab, and a box with scientific equipment was the lab on a bike, using which experiments were demonstrated by a trained instructor, helping children to understand better by visualizing concepts.

The initiative helped create an environment, in which students tinkered, created and sought solutions. Science fairs were also organised where demonstrations of interesting scientific phenomena were showcased that kindled curiosity and instilled a love for learning in young minds.

When numbers speak about the action!



Students benefited


Teachers trained


Young instructors trained


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